Hangzhou, the Most Beautiful Tourist Destination in 2016

Which were the most beautiful tourist destinations in China in 2016? The network data from Chinese travel giants, Sina Travel and YOUKU Travel, have the answer. On January 7, the 6th Global List•City List Announcing Ceremony, which is directed by People’s Daily and organized by Global Times, was held in Beijing.

Subordinate to People’s Daily, Global Times has over 500 accredited and specially appointed journalists in 120 countries. As one of the most influential international newspapers in China, it makes full use of its own resources integrating its Chinese and English version newspapers and websites to form a multi-media platform. Based on the data collected from the global public opinion investigation center, it has formed the first global list from an international angle.

Hangzhou Qianjiang New City

Hangzhou, renowned for its continued improvement in a traveling environment, has been awarded “The Most Beautiful Featured Tourist Destination in China in 2016” and is the only city in Zhejiang to have been enlisted.

Why Hangzhou Was Enlisted?


Hangzhou abounds in historical relics and profound culture, such as West Lake culture, Liangzhu culture, silk culture and tea culture. With many ancient legends and stories, the city has managed to form a unique cultural system.

In 2016, the G20 Summit was successfully held in Hangzhou which put the city in the world’s spotlight. The unique charm of Hangzhou integrating the antiquity of a historic city and the vitality of a metropolis continues to amaze the world.

When you are in Hangzhou, it is easy to appreciate the city’s beauty and abundant happiness. There are many places to visit to marvel at the city’s age-long history, profound culture and nature’s creativity, like the West Lake, Qiandao Lake, Daming Mountain, Song Dynasty Town, Lingyin Temple, Leifeng Pagoda, Shangougou Scenic Area, Qiantang River, Prince Bay Park and Fuchun River

In Hangzhou, the pace of life is slow and at any given time and place, you can feel free to lose yourself in thought, admiring, of course, the city’s magnificent beauty, history and culture.

As for food, Hangzhou is famous for its Hangbang dishes and featured snacks. In addition, various types of cuisine, from all over the world, can be found here.

Hangzhou is rich in beauty; there are beautiful scenery, beautiful artifacts and beautiful people…

Most people find it hard to leave Hangzhou and if you were to visit you would easily see why this was true…