Three-Day Hangzhou Private Tour

During the first day, you will visit classic West Lake scenic spots such as the Orioles singing in the Willows, Fish viewing at the Flower Pond, Yang Gong Causeway, Yue Fei’s Temple. In the second day, you will the ecological beauty of Hang...

Day1 ---- Orioles singing in the Willows - Fish viewing at the Flower Pond - Yang Gong Causeway - Yue Fei’s Temple

Accommodation: Ramada Plaza Hangzhou Haihua Hotel

Fish viewing at the Flower Pond.jpg

You will start your travel in Hangzhou from <West Lake>. The first stop is Orioles singing in the Willows (柳浪闻莺) which is an imperial garden built in South Song dynasty. With an area of 21 hectares, designed to be bright, fresh, elegant, and simple, this garden is an absolute place to view West Lake. After visiting the astonishing ancient garden, you will arrive at Fish viewing at the Flower Pond (花港观鱼), one of West Lake top ten attractions to see lotus flowers, golden fish and port. And then you will arrive at Yang Gong Causeway, a 3.4 kilometers long causeway starting from Lingyin Road to Hupao Road. The last spot you will go is Yue Fei’s Temple. Yue Fei is a national hero in south Song dynasty and lost his life in the fight of protecting his homeland. People built this temple to memorize his contributions and set an example for people to be loyalty and filial piety.

Day2 ---- Hangzhou Shangougou Scenic Area

Accommodation: Ramada Plaza Hangzhou Haihua Hotel

Hangzhou shangougou.jpg

After breakfast your guide will take you to <Shangougou Scenic Spot> which is located in Yuhang, one-hour to drive there. Shanggougou has a plenty of tourism resources, various animals and plants species, and excellent ecological environment. It is the most popular area in Hangzhou as well as in Yuhang. <Shanggougou> is an ideal place to relax you on the weekend since it is very close to Hangzhou. There are eight highlights in Shangougou such as appreciating strange stones, marvel at falls, looking ancient trees, climbing mountains, seeing historical sites, walking through bamboo forest, tasting local foods and picking fruits. 

Day3 ---- Lingyin Temple - Feilai Mountain - Longjing Village - Hupao Spring

Accommodation: Ramada Plaza Hangzhou Haihua Hotel

Lingyin Temple1.jpg

Today you will have a visit to the famous and oldest temple in Hangzhou-<Lingyin Temple>, which has a history of 1,800 years old and was built in East Jin dynasty. The temple is spacious, grand, and is a collection of architecture structure and exquisite caving art. It is an excellent display of Hangzhou people’s wisdom in ancient time. 

<Longjing Village> is a place where the world famous tea-Longjing tea is produced. This village has formed a combination of entertainment, tea drinking and site seeing place. Many people are attracted to visit this village due to its reputation. What’s more, you can see how tea grows and being made. If you are interested in tea making, you can have a try by yourself. Local inhabitants will teach you. 

Then you will pay a visit to <Hupao Spring>, which is located in Hupao Park. There is a renowned legend of this spring. It said that once there is a monk called Huanzhong, who was attracted by the beautiful scenery of Hupao, so he decided to live here. The only problem that prevents him from living here is that there is no water for drinking around Hupao, consequently he prepared to leave. One day he had a dream that an immortal will send two tigers to help transport water here, when Huanzhong got up and went out, he really found a spring near where he lived. Then he named this spring <Hupao Spring> since tiger in Chinese is “Hu”. The water in Hupao Spring is often used to make Longjing tea, which is really a fantastic flavor to take a sip of Longjing tea made by water from Hupao Spring.