Sail Northward to Tangqi Water Town, Love it in 48 H...

Take a Cao Fang canal boat at Wulinmen Dock, drift down the two-thousand-year Grand Canal, appreciate beautiful sceneries and antique Chinese buildings, explore the millennium water town Tangqi.

Day1 ---- Tangqi Water Town - the Grand Canal

Accommodation: Ramada Plaza Hangzhou Haihua Hotel

Guangji Bridgetangqi town.jpg

This morning you will watch the spectacular sunrise on the Guangji Bridge. Then you can walk along the street, enjoy the fresh air and feel the tranquil atmosphere in the antiquated town. You have enough free time to visit anywhere you like. But you have to get on board at the Cansang Dock at 3:00 pm. Then you will appreciate the scenery along the Grand Canal again and return to the Wulinmen Dock at 5:00pm. And the tour will come to an end.

Day2 ---- Grand Canal - Tangqi Water Town

Accommodation: Ramada Plaza Hangzhou Haihua Hotel

the Grand Canal Tangqi Water Town.JPG

In the morning, you will have to take a Cao Fang canal boat at Wulinmen Dock at 9:00am. From 9:00am to 11:00am, treat yourself to the beautiful scenery along the Grand Canal During this period, you have one chance to land when the boat berths at the Qiaoxi Dock at 9:30am. The boat will arrive at Cansang Dock(蚕桑码头) in Tangqi Water Town at 11:00am. After 10 minutes, you will live in Tangqi Renjia Hotel(塘栖人家客栈). Then the rest of the day is for free activities. You can visit the Guangji Bridge, North Water Street (水北街) as well as the Santiaoban Lane (三条半弄). You can appreciate the traditional local customs and taste the delicious local food especially the desserts and snacks.