Best Hangzhou Tour Package (3 Days)

Hangzhou is a cultural center of China. 3 days culture trip in Hangzhou as a holiday stay includes tourist attractions like West Lake, Lingyin Temple, Confucius Temple and Baopu Taoist Temple.

Day1 ---- Arrival in Hangzhou

Accommodation: Ramada Plaza Hangzhou Haihua Hotel


IN THE MORNING - Upon your arrival in Hangzhou, we will meet you at the railway station or airport, and then transfer to the hotel we booked for you in the downtown Hangzhou. If you drive to Hangzhou, please directly go to the hotel, and we meet you at the lobby of the hotel. The rest of the time, please take a rest for afternoon’s travel before enjoying lunch with your guide together.
  Remark - There are two big railway stations in downtown Hangzhou - Hangzhou East Railway Station(东站, or Dong Zhan) and Hangzhou Railway Station (城站, or Cheng Zhan) . Before your arrival, you had better tell your guide which station you arrive at.
  IN THE AFTERNOON – After lunch, begin your trip from Wushan Hill, which is known as WU SHAN DA GUAN/【吴山大观】, a classic view of West Lake - We move to Wushan Scenic Zone in the afternoon. What we will visit include Wushan Scenic Area and Chenghuang Pavilion (admission fee: 30 CNY). Situated on the southeast side of the West Lake, Wushan Scenic Area is a highlighted tourist destination in Hangzhou. Nearly all the tourist attractions here are the cultural sites under the protection. Chenghuang Pavilion is the best classic building on the top of Wushan Hill to overlook the grand view of West Lake Scenic Area, even the whole downtown area of Hangzhou.
  After that, we head to Hefang Old Street 【赵宋风华】, a historical zone highlighted with the history and culture of Southern Song dynasty. Various snacks and cultural souvenirs booths are on the both sides. Try to taste the local snacks here, and they are so special that deserve buying to be the present to your friends. The buildings on both sides are mostly the time-honored stores. A restored avenue named Southern Song Imperial Thoroughfare is also worth your stroll.  
  Then, we go to Huqingyutang Traditional Medicine Museum【国医探秘】, boasting the sacred land of traditional Chinese medicine in Southeast China. It formerly was the private properties of Hu Xueyan, a far-famed Huizhou businessman living in Hangzhou. Huqingyutang is a famous place to have a diagnosis in the TCM methods. To learn about the culture of Chinese medicine and herbal medications, it is the best site.  

Day2 ---- Travel in Hangzhou

Accommodation: Ramada Plaza Hangzhou Haihua Hotel


IN THE MORNING, after your breakfast, we will enjoy a cruise sightseeing on the West Lake【坐览湖山】. It is similar to the way that the traditional scholars and artists follow to get their inspirations and understand the philosophy of nature and human. In literature, the landscape of West Lake is described as the essence of natural beauty in China, and the ideal land of the scholar-bureaucrats. Cruise trip is a best way to touch every highlight of the West Lake.
  Approximately one hour later, we disembark and move on to Baopu Taoist Temple【抱朴问道】(admission fee: 5 CNY) to explore the mystery of Taoism and the philosophy of Dao. It will commence from the understanding of Baopu, literally keeping the original or the primitive. The whole Taoist temple is a big complex of classical buildings located on the hillside of Geling.   
  As get down from Baopu Taoist Temple, we will see lots of the cultural heritage site in Gushan Scenic Zone such as Fanghe Pavilion, Sun Yat-sen Park and Yu Family Tower. We will focus on Xiling Seal Art Society【西泠述古】, which is the sacred land of Chinese engraving art, a unique art form in China also named Jinshi. The members of the society are nearly all the famous artists or the authoritative scholars like Wu Changshuo, Zhang Zongxiang and so on. 
  AT NOON, enjoy your lunch at Zhiweiguan Restaurant【知味观料】, an old-line restaurant serving the authentic dishes of Hangzhou. This restaurant emphasizes the importance and selection of the ingredients, which is also the source of its name. Zhiweiguan, just means enjoy its flavor through knowing its ingredients.  
  IN THE AFTERNOON, we take a visit to Hangzhou Confucius Temple【斯文在兹】, a center to exhibit the culture and history of Confucianism and hold the large ceremony in memory of Confucius, It covers two parts, Confucius Temple and Stele Forest. The Confucius Temple is highlighted with Dacheng Hall, which houses the grand statues of Confucius and his students and successors. The Stele Forest is the sacred land to appreciate calligraphy of ancient China.
  After that, Climb up to Leifeng Pagoda【雷峰夕照】(admission fee: 40CNY) to view the grand view of the West Lake Scenic Are. To view the fantastic sunset of West Lake, this is best place in history, poetically named Lei Feng Xi Zhao, and it ranks one of top ten classic sceneries. Furthermore, Leifeng Pagoda is also the continuation of the White Snake Story. Enjoy your romantic time here.
  AT NIGHT, a large outdoor live-action performance named Impression West Lake【印象西湖】 is arranged. This is the most famous show highlighted with the history, culture, legends and landscape of Hangzhou. The amazing and spectacular scene deserves your attentions. 

Day3 ---- Departure from Hangzhou

Accommodation: Ramada Plaza Hangzhou Haihua Hotel


IN THE MORNING. Today is your last day in Hangzhou. After your breakfast, you will have a theme experience of Zen and Tea, both of which are the traditional cultural heritage in China. your first step is to visit the Lingyin Temple【灵隐禅踪】, a thousand-year-old zen monastery in Southeast China, and it is also the classic tourist attraction listed to be one of the new top views of the West Lake.
  And then, move to Longjing Tea Plantation【龙井问茶】, which is the site listed as one of ten new top classic views of West Lake. It will be a great chance to learn about the culture of tea.
  AT NOON. For lunch, we have arranged it at a local cultural restaurant - Chunxiaqiudong Garden Restaurant 【春夏秋冬花园餐厅】,popular for its unique surroundings and serving the authentic food of Hangzhou.
  IN THE AFTERNOON. After lunch and a rest, it is the time to say goodbye to Hangzhou!
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