Grand Canal Hangzhou Essential Trip

Visit scenic spots of the Grand Canal such as Qiaoxi Historic Block, Hangzhou Workmanship Demonstration Pavilion, museums, Xiangji Temple, Fuyi Granary and Yunhe Bookstore.

Day1 ---- Grand Canal Hangzhou Essential Trip

Accommodation: Ramada Plaza Hangzhou Haihua Hotel

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The first stop: Qiaoxi Historic Block 
  In the morning, taking a breath of the fresh air in Qiaoxi Historic Block, you go through an alley and then walk into the national intangible cultural heritage site, the Laokaixin Teahouse(老开心茶楼). You can have some green tea as well as listen to stories of the history of the ancient house. You can also watch a drama show in traditional Chinese costume. Sitting in such an antiquated place, you may get an illusion of returning to the ancient China hundreds years ago.
  Add: No.1, Jixiangsi Lane, Xiaohe Road, Gongshu District, Hangzhou
  Services: Drama of Travel Back One Hundred Years (fixed time: 10:00-10:30); tea services; interpretation of historical houses, free rental of costumes for personal photography.
  The second stop: Hangzhou Workmanship Demonstration Pavilion 
  Leave the Laokaixin Teahouse, walk along the lane for five minutes and then you will reach the Hangzhou Workmanship Demonstration Pavilion. Time to marvel at a wide selection of displays, or join in the tempting on-site handcraft activities. You will absolutely have unique and impressive experiences in the pavilion.
  Add: Next to the China Fan Museum in Qiaoxi Historic Block
  Tel: 86-571-88197531
  Services: Visit the Pavilion with complete freedom; One-time experience of the craft making process (subject to the arrangement of the pavilion)
  The third stop: Cao Fang canal boat(运河漕舫)
  After touring the Qiaoxi Historic Block, take a Cao Fang canal boat along the beautiful canal to the next spot Dadou Histric Block. On the boat you will hear a guide interpreting the history of the Grand Canal and watch a microfilm of the spot.
  Add: Qiaoxi Museum Dock
  Tel: 0571-56079211
  Services: tour on a Cao Fang canal boat (fixed time: 11:00-13:00); interpretation of scenic spot
  The fourth stop: visit the world of swords and porcelains
  Reaching the Dadou Historic Block by boat, you will look round the ancient prosperous block and taste various delicious food. Then walk into the world of swords and porcelains to appreciate these fantastic artworks and hear interesting stories about them. When you are tired, you can find a seat in a teahouse to enjoy Chinese tea Maybe you will be very lucky to watch shows of spices and tea ceremonies (香道、茶道).
  Add: No.122, Dadou Road
  Tel: 0571-88010306
  Services: shows of spices and tea ceremonies (fixed time: 13:30); cultural interpretation of celadon and Longquan Sword
  The fifth stop: Xiangji Temple
  The 1,000-year-plus-old Xiangji Temple is the most special spot in the Dadou Road Historic Block. It is the only temple enshrining and worshiping the Shan Kinnara Bodhisattva who is also called Kitchen God in Chinese myths. Located on the bank of the canal, Xiangji Temple was once among the three largest temples in Hangzhou during the Ming Dynasty(1368-1644). Now the temple is the most popular one along the canal. You will get three incenses when you enter the temple to worship.
  Add: No.1, Xiangji Temple Lane
  Tel: 0571-88316633
  Services: have the worship in Xiangji Temple; three incenses
  The sixth stop: Fuyi Granary(富义仓)and Yunhe Bookstore(韵和书院)
  Go away from the Dadou Road to the south for 10 minutes, you will arrive at the Fuyi Granary, an integral part of the Grand Canal, a UNESCO cultural heritage site. Come to grab a meal or a drink within its spacious courtyard. Then you will listen to the introduction about the granary and Cao Yun cultures. You may be surprised at the matured technique of building granaries in the ancient China.
  Add: No.8, Xiawan Lane
  Tel: 0571-88192266
  Services: interpretation of Fuyi Granary; Welcome Tea
  By now, the tour is over. You can go home and arrange your own schedule. Or you can get off at the Xiangji Temple Dock and take a Cao Fang canal boat at 4 o’clock back to the Qiaoxi Historic Block.
  Price: 100 CNY per person for a joint ticket
  How to join this trip?
  First you can book online tickets on websites such as Absolute China Tours (杭州同人国际), "Xiecheng(携程), Tongcheng(同程), Meituan(美团)" etc... Then go to the Museum Dock in the Qiaoxi Historic Block or Wulinmen Dock and get your tickets at ticket booths. Or you can buy your tickets at the scene of the ticket offices (0571-88103113). Then you will receive a copy of the customs clearance and get seals on six scenic spots so that you can get delicate scenic souvenirs at the No.2 ticket booth in the Qiaoxi Museum Dock where you can also buy some local specialties.