Crab Tasting Tour of Yangcheng Lake

Do you love lake view? Do you love crabs? If both answers are yes, here is the best tour package for you. You will visit a pretty lake called Yangcheng Lake and have the famous Mitten Crab (Hairy Crab). Yangcheng Lake (阳澄湖) is a well-know...

Day1 ---- Yangcheng Lake

Accommodation: Ramada Plaza Hangzhou Haihua Hotel


  Morning, you will be picked up at 09:00 a.m. from downtown hotel in Shanghai. Then head for Yangcheng Lake. After two hours, arrive at the north dock of Lotus Island (莲花岛) then take a motor boat or boat to land on. Lotus Island is located in the middle of the charming Yang Cheng Lake. Many local inhabitants open crab restaurant there but still keep all the personalities they have as usual.
  The crab house restaurant you will visit is clean with a big vegetable garden and a pond. It is built by the lake and owns great visual field. Easily, you can eat the crab while enjoying the beautiful view of the Yangcheng Lake. If you know how to play Majiang (Chinese game) and then you can have a try.
  Enjoy your lunch there. The lunch dishes include special local Chinese food and of course the Mitten Crab (Hairy Crab). The best and easiest way to cook crab is to simply steam them for 15 minutes with source made of soy bean sauce, vinegar, sugar and minced ginger.
  After lunch, enjoy a free walk around the lake. You can take a rest in the living room or roll up your sleeves to pick up water chestnuts and enjoy happy hours by the lakeside. Or you can appreciate the reeds in the wind and breathe the fresh air full of earth’s smell. If you like fishing, then enjoy your fishing on the lake.
  The host’s father-in-law will lead you to visit crab breeding area where you might have a chance to see the real “prison break” of crabs. You can buy some crabs if you like. At 4 p.m., you will start your journey back to your hotel and that is the end of a day’s fabulous Chinese food tour.