2 Days Individual Tour of Hangzhou

You will enjoy an absolute wonderful tour of Hangzhou’s essence beauty in two days. The hot scenic spots of Hangzhou are all included in this tour.

Day1 ---- Arrival in Hangzhou –Hotel –Six Harmonies Pagoda

Accommodation: Ramada Plaza Hangzhou Haihua Hotel

west lake.jpg

After you arrive at Hangzhou Airport or the railway station, you can take a taxi or a bus to your hotel. In general, your travel agency will pick you up and transfer you to the hotel for registration. In the afternoon, you will go to visit the elegant Six Harmonies Pagoda, which has a history of 1000 years, locates on the verdant Yuelun Hill. Upon arrival, you will see the 59.89-meter-high pagoda which was built in thirteen-storey, but actually there are only seven-storey interiorly.

Day2 ---- West Lake –Mid Lake Pavilion –Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine –Lingyin Temple

Accommodation: Ramada Plaza Hangzhou Haihua Hotel

huxin pavilion.jpg

West Lake is the first destination of today’s city essence tour of Hangzhou. In the morning, you are going to take boat to visit West Lake, a must visit when you come to Hangzhou. For hundreds of years, Chinese scholars have written countless poems and essays to admire the beauty of the West Lake. After about 10 minutes boat tour, we will arrive at Mid Lake Pavilion, a small pavilion in the center of the lake. 

The next destination is the state-level Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine which belongs to Hu Qing Yu Tang, a time-honored Chinese medicine pharmacy. Here, you could discover the history of Chinese traditional medicine as well as the introduction and producing process of Chinese herbs. 

The wonderful Lingyin Temple locates in the northwest of the West Lake, was constructed about 1,600 years ago and now is the oldest temple in the city. With beautiful surrounding landscape, the temple has five main halls compactly positioned on a rising axis lying on Wulin Mountain. You could step up to see a number of vivid Buddha statues in the halls as well as pagodas and Buddhist grottoes on the mountain.

Accommodation: Hangzhou Chaptel Hotel 

Things to bring 

File: ID card, Student card, flight ticket, Bank card, and cash
Clothing: clothes, shoes
Daily necessities: tissue, luggage, umbrella, glass, pen, notebook, toilet water, skin care products, towel, cosmetics and toiletries
Electronics: telephone, camera, data wire, standby battery