24 Hours in Tangqi Water Town

Start from Wulinmen Dock, take a Cao Fang canal boat and go north along the Grand Canal with a long history and profound culture. When the boat arrives in Tangqi Water Town, you will land at Tangqi dock to appreciate historic sites of the town.

Day1 ---- Grand Canal Romantic Getaway: Tangqi Water Town

Accommodation: Ramada Plaza Hangzhou Haihua Hotel

Grand Canal Romantic GetawayTangqi Water Town.jpg

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  The Grand Canal
  Starting at 9.00am from Wulinmen Dock the Cao Fang canal boat will glide you Northwards along the Grand Canal taking you on a historical and cultural journey along one of China's living heritage sites and where you will witness a number of magical scenes such as New Appearance of Wulin, City in Spring Red, Moon Embraced by Three Rivers and Meditation on the Past of Gongzheng.
  Tangqi Water Town
  Upon arrival at Tangqi you will be greeted by some of Tangqi's historic sites such as Tangqi Five Streets, Qianlong Imperial Monument, Santiaoban Lane and South Water Lane. This ancient town is also home to some popular local specialities such as Tangqi Pressed Salted Duck, Mushy Eel, Xishayangwei Pastry and Zhuyitang Pastries. While these may not suit everyone's taste buds they will certainly leave you with a lasting memory of one of Hangzhou's ancient water towns.
  15:00pm return to Tangqi Dock and set off on your journey back to Wulinmen Dock. Total tour time of seven hours.
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  Route Guidance: Wulinmen Dock - Tangqi Water Town - Wulinmen (7 hours for the whole journey)
  Consultation Telephone: 86-571—56079211, 56079230