When the Fruit Fragrance fills the air…

With a plethora of ostentatious sweet and sour fragrance of strawberries dominating in and around Hangzhou city, now is the time to pick and appreciate the most inviting fruit.

Main District: Yang Yang Strawberry-Picking Base (洋洋草莓采摘基地)

Despite the small scale, Yang Yang Strawberry-Picking Base attracts visitors by its delicate setting and high-quality strawberries, which are symmetrical in size and sweet in taste and while the fruit is void of any pesticide, you can pick and eat after a simple wipe.

Address: 100 meters away from the Intersection of Haidabei Road and Yinhai Road in a northerly direction, Jianggan District
Price: ¥30 per kilogram; ¥30 per person for picking
Tel: +86-18106595424

Xiaoshan District: Beside the Xianghu (lake region)

Strawberries in Xiaoshan District are famous for their large bodies, about a dozen of which, normally, weigh more than 1 kg. The location of the strawberry bases, to be honest, is very easy to find and in just 1 kilometer away from Xianghu scenic region, visitors can find large pieces of strawberry planting bases, the area of which amounts to around forty Mu. The main species of this area is Hongjia (红颊), which is characterized by its double size, pretty color and sweet taste.

Address: Zixia Village, Xintang Street, Xiaoshan District
Price: ¥30 per kilogram; ¥30 per person for picking

Yuhang District: Yeluwan Eco-leisure Agricultural Park (野芦湾生态休闲农业园)

Yeluwan Eco-leisure Agricultural Park is nestled at the ancient city of Liangzhu Culture, which is also praised as “the dawn of Human Civilization”. The park is a world of improved species of fruit trees, where different types of high-quality fruit is produced throughout all seasons and now is the best period to witness the wonder made by marvelous strawberries.

Address: 100 meters away from Liangzhu Sub-district Office
Price: ¥40 per kilogram; ¥50 per person for picking; Strawberries eaten during picking is free
Tel: +86-15869133365

1.    Pick strawberries from the fruit stalk in a gentle manner rather than dragging or pulling.
2.    Wear sneakers instead of high-heeled shoes.
3.    Strawberries of medium size are tastier than the bigger ones, and as for color, the darker, the sweeter.
4.    Try to start your journey for strawberry-picking early at weekends to circumvent any traffic congestions.