Zhejiang Museum of Natural History to Hold Opening Ceremony of the Trial Run of a New Branch

On December 28, an opening ceremony celebrating the trial run of a new branch of Zhejiang Museum of Natural History, Anji branch was held in the Science and Education New Area of Anji County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province. At the opening ceremony, many high-ranking officials, which includes Zhu Guoxian, the provincial propaganda minister, Jin Ruiguo, the director of the Museum Department of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, Ma Xiaohui, the Huzhou Municipal Party Secretary and other representatives were invited to participate in the event.

During the ceremony, Mr. Zhu Guoxian and Ma Xiaohui unveiled the nameplate of the museum and activated the opening electronic screen with other government leaders, which indicated that Anji Branch of Zhejiang Museum of Natural History officially commenced its operation and will, in the future, play an important role in culture and education of the society.

It is said that Anji Branch of Zhejiang Museum of Natural History is a demonstration project showcasing the deep-implemented principle of “Two Mountains” (Mountains of gold and silver) as well as one of main goals in fulfilling 411 Zhejiang provincial cultural facilities construction project and “Zhejiang Culture” construction project.

With a total building area of 300 Mu and six theme exhibition halls, namely geology exhibition hall, Behring exhibition hall, marine exhibition hall, natural art exhibition hall, dinosaur exhibition hall and ecology exhibition hall, Anji Branch of Zhejiang Museum of Natural History is the first provincial public cultural facility that lands outside Hangzhou in Zhejiang as well as the museum with the largest individual buildings in Asia. The museum distinguishes itself from other museums with the main purpose of diffusing knowledge by its focus on leisure experience of novelty.

A member of staff of the Zhejiang Museum of Natural History claimed that the museum will take the advantage of the construction of Anji branch by forging ahead the policy of natural heritage conservation and eco-culture inheritance, and does its essential part to serve citizens in public culture and makes unceasing progress to meet the new cultural desires of people.