Rest and Relax in the Thousand-Islet Lake

As one of the world’s twelve largest fishing grounds, Thousand-islet Lake is known to most, but it’s not just those who are interested in fishing who flock to the clear and picturesque waters, visitors come from all over the world to stay in this most-green and pleasant land. 

Fishman Homestay

The natural and segregated fishing ground in the Thousand-Islet Region is the main factor that convinces the hotel owner, who spends about 100 days a year fishing, to initiate the project of building a B&B in this marvelous location.

The owner has great passion for fishing, which can be seen from the name of the hotel –Fishman Homestay, the name of the 12 rooms that relate to the world’s twelve largest fishing grounds (Bay of Bengal, Caribbean…), as well as the fishy elements in the design of each room.

The island is pervaded with a fragrance of fruits in all seasons and traveled by thousands of fishing lovers and visitors who are mesmerized by its charm. Enjoying fishing, capturing your own scene of the lake’s luxurious landscape and sampling fresh fish, are just a few of the many activities awaiting your arrival.

Address: Peilou Islet, Thousand-islet Lake Scenic Area, Near Yujia Warf in Southeast Lake Region


As the name implies, (which literally means dwelling in the mountains) Qingxishanju lies among mountains in the Thousand-Islet Lake scenic area. This is a picturesque district where mountains stretch as far as the lake and, located inside, the hotel provides a panoramic view of the whole scenic region. From different orientations and angles, Qiandao Lake can be seen to show a number of different charms.

The mountains here show great vitality by providing different scenery and food throughout all four seasons. All the food provided in the hotel is organic and sourced from the mountains and lakes, which includes local delicacies like fish, bamboo shoots, and wild fruits…

The hotel is also very close to a number of entertainment facilities, for example, there are two cycle trails under construction, one of which is near the Qingxishanju hotel.

Address: 4 Yongping, Qingxi Village, Qiandao Lake Town, Hangzhou