Feel those Ancient Times in Quaint Hotels

Along the Grand Canal, there are myriads of hotels where guests can enjoy a memorable experience as well as witness spectacular canal views, and Wushanju Boutique Hotel and Youxiake B&B, with their Southern Song Dynasty elements, enable you to feel what it was like in ancient times.

Wushanju Boutique Hotel

Wushanju Boutique Hotel dedicates itself to providing an exclusive experience with which guests may feel the sweetness of their own home. Nestled at the foot of Wushan mountain, with stone paths, wooden windows, black tiles and bricks, the hotel is decorated in an antique style based on the simplistic traits of the Southern Song Dynasty, which shows the unique historical and cultural charm of Hangzhou city.

There are 41 rooms in the hotel, all of which are titled artistically in relation to seasons such as “Autumn Evening”. Rooms are pervaded with a fragrance of wood because furniture here is all customized by high-quality Elmwood.

Furthermore, each room is equipped with a small platform where exquisite tea sets are placed, all of which complement the surroundings.

Address: 58 Shiwukui Lane, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou (杭州上城区十五奎巷58号)
Price: 300-1000 per room
Tel: +86-571-87316555

Youxiake B&B

Youxiake B&B is located at the riverbank of the Grand Canal which can be traced back to 2500 years ago. Reconstructed from an ancient mansion, the hotel is infused with a modern air while retaining an element of antique beauty.

With wooden roofs and stairs, the hotel is built in a typical Yangtze River Delta style, which is characterized by a grand courtyard. Despite 23 luxurious rooms, the hotel focuses on public areas such as the VIP meeting room, performing stage, and roof garden. What’s more, the hotel creates its own brand of restaurant “Youxiaochu” to satisfy the taste buds of its guests.

Furthermore, Youxiake B&B is not only a boutique hotel, but also a social platform on the theme of tourism and photography.

Address: 146 Dadou Road Historical Block, Gongshu District, Hangzhou (杭州市拱墅区大兜路历史街区146号)
Price: 450-1050 per room
Tel: +86-571-88891007