Zero Admission Fee for 17 ℃ Xin’an River of Jiande

As China enters the era of High-speed railway, Qiandao Lake will welcome its first high-speed railway, the Hangzhou—Mt. Huangshan High-speed Railway. The opening of the whole line has already on countdown. To celebrate the event, Jiande City, Hangzhou, has provided tourists from all over the world with great discounts for touring Jiande City, which includes almost all major scenic areas and a majority of hotels in its preferential policy.

“Take High-speed to Tour Xin’an River in Jiande and Jiande Tourism Day” Preferential Policy
Who can enjoy the discounts: people from all over the world

Details of Preferential Policy:
a. Within three months from the opening of Hangzhou—Mt. Huangshan High-speed railway (inclusive), it’s free to visit Jiangnan Big Icy Cave (江南大冰洞), Daci Cliff (大慈岩), Lingxi Cave (灵栖洞), Sailing Along Seven-li Rapids (七里扬帆), Xin’an River Hydropower Station (新安江水电站), Xin’ye Ancient Village, Fortune Island (好运岛) and Nongfu Spring Factory (农夫山泉).

b. In the fourth, fifth and sixth month from opening, people can enjoy a discount of 50 percent off admission fees when visiting Aerial Town Hot Spring and the abovementioned eight scenic areas.

c. The seventeenth day of every month in 2019 has been chosen as “Jiande Tourism Day”. On that day, people can enjoy a discount of 30 percent off admission fees when visiting Jiangnan Big Icy Cave, Daci Cliff, Lingxi Cave, Sailing Along Seven-li Rapids, Xin’ye Ancient Village, Fortune Island, and Nongfu Spring Factory.

d. High-grade resort hotels like Wonderland Resort Jiande Fuchun, Crowne Plaza Hangzhou One Thousand Island Lake, Peninsula Kaihao Hotel and Xin'anju Mingren Hotel will also introduce great discounts.

How to enjoy the discounts:
a. The first and second discounts can be enjoyed by presenting staff at the tourist information centers of each scenic area with a resident ID card and the high-speed railway ticket whose destination is Jiande City (seven days within the chosen date).

b. It’s required that all tourists purchase personal accident insurance (two CNY per person) before entering the scenic areas.

c. Other business items within scenic areas, such as ropeways, slides, cruise ships, sightseeing battery cars, and rock climbing will be charged according to normal regulations.

Consultation: +86-571-64780658