A Christmas Gift from Qiandao Lake

Although Christmas is still days away, Qiandao Lake has already wrapped itself in a festive atmosphere, with hotels, restaurants, scenic areas all kitted out in seasonal decoration and offering a number of festive packages.

To welcome this important western festival and to promote Qiandao Lake’s abundant tourism resources, The Qiandao Lake Scenery and Tourism Commission is offering a generous Christmas gift to the world, inviting 20 foreigners to enjoy a unique Christmas tour of the famous Qiandao Lake for free. The Christmas tour lasts for two days from Dec. 23rd to 24th, 2018, during which these 20 foreigners can have an unforgettable Christmas by indulging themselves in Qiandao Lake’s picturesque scenery while also sampling a variety of delicious dishes.

Qiandao Lake Christmas Special – Free Tour

Day One

11:30 to 12:30 Savor local delicacies at Qiandao Lake Fishermen Lakeview Restaurant
【Qiandao Lake Fishermen Lakeview Restaurant】features heavily in fish and entertainment culture. Besides offering the authentic signature dish of Qiandao Lake - Qiandao Lake fish head, the characteristic fish restaurant also gives its customers a most advantaged location to enjoy the view of Qiandao Lake. Here, the menu is always fresh, in season and expertly prepared.
Address: first floor of Qiandao Lake Food Stall from 21 to 24, Qiandaohu Town

12:30 to 14:30 Hike around 【Tianyu Sightseeing Park】 - the most beautiful park in Chun’an County
【Tianyu Sightseeing Park】 At an altitude of over 300 meters, Tianyu Sightseeing Park is located at the mountain top near Tianyu Villa Group at the east side of Qiandaohu Bridge. Benefiting from its high altitude and unique mountain landscape, Tianyu Sightseeing Park offers a 270-degree view of Qiandao Lake.

Address: Tianyu Sightseeing Park, Qiandaohu Town

15:00 to 17:00 Cycling along Qiandao Lake Greenway to have a multi-angle view of Qiandao Lake
When visiting Qiandao Lake, cycling around Qiandao Lake along one of its many beautiful greenways is a must-have on everyone’s to-do list. Most parts of 【Qiandao Lake Greenway】 are built along the shoreline of Qiandao Lake where, as you ride forward, the enchanting mountain and river landscape gradually unfolds before your eyes.

17:30-20:00 Enjoy a Christmas buffet dinner and have your lucky draw in a five-star hotel
Nestling near a mountain and by the picturesque Qiandao Lake, 【Hilton Hangzhou Qiandao Lake Resort】 offers a great getaway from everyday urban life, where your mind and soul can be set free. Hilton Hangzhou Qiandao Lake Resort is designed both for high-end business conferences as well as heart-warming vacations.

Address: 600 Huanhu North Road
Tel: +86-571-65086666

17:30-20:00 Enjoy Christmas buffet dinner in 【InterContinental One Thousand Island Lake Resort】
【InterContinental One Thousand Island Lake Resort】 is situated at the Xianshan Peninsula (the largest island of Qiandao Lake), which is well-known for its karst landscape and abundant varieties of vegetation and flowers. It is equipped with a luxurious yacht club, as well as outdoor infinity swimming pools and indoor heated swimming pools. From the double balcony of the hotel rooms, people can enjoy a panoramic view of Qiandao Lake’s emerald green water and verdant mountains.
Address: Wanxiang Road, Xianshan Peninsula

Day Two

08:00 - 10:30 Enjoy the lakeside racing experience in 【Qiandao Lake Cool Speed Racing Theme Park】
【Qiandao Lake Cool Speed Racing Theme Park】is the first racing theme park in China. It has an area of 50 thousand sq m, with 20 sq m dedicated to a professional trail site and 10 thousand sq m to a lakeside karting track. The lakeside karting track is of a national A-level standard and one that can host national professional competitions.
Address: No. 4 Building, Qiandao Lake Beer Town, Chun’an County
Telephone: +86-571-65030855

11:00 - 12:00 Be at One with Nature in 【Qiandao Lake Forest Oxygen Bar】
This scenic area is a national subtropical primitive secondary forest reserve and one of the ten most visited forest oxygen bars in China. It is characterized by abundant flora and fauna resources, different-shaped mountains and rocks, beautiful zigzagging creeks, cascading waterfalls and colorful pools, all of which create a forest sightseeing and leisure area with complex and diverse topography and seasonal sceneries.
Address: Huangzhi Mountain, Danzhu Village, Qiandaohu Town
Telephone: +86-571-64881922 / 64877126

12:00 - 12:30 Enjoy local delicacies in 【Yu Qiao Hui Lakeview Restaurant】

Yu Qiao Hui, aka Qiaodao Lake Cooking Research Center, is located on the banks of Qiandao Lake and is a leading dining enterprise, which specializes in researching, developing and promoting local dishes, tableware, ingredients, and snacks etc. It aims to create the brand of Qiandao Lake as being a center of leisure. Besides tasting local delicacies, visitors can also look far into the distance and glimpse a panoramic view of the enchanting Qiandao Lake.
Telephone: 86-571-64830116
Address: 54 Menggu Road, Qiandaohu Town, Chun’an County, Hangzhou