Melting Hearts…

As the first snow of winter fiercely swept over Hangzhou city last weekend, not only did the temperature dramatically drop but the whole city was immediately covered in a thick blanket of snow, which didn’t dampen the spirits of the locals, instead they ventured outside to witness one of winter’s wonders.

Whereas the snowflakes kept falling, the roads remained clean, void of any sleet and accidents, and the traffic still ran smoothly. The convenience and safety of every citizen in the city was safeguarded by numerous people, like sanitation workers, traffic police, and bus drivers… who melted hearts by working in severe cold conditions while most of us were resting in a warm house. 

Eating in a hurry and working day and night

As an intense snowstorm headed out to Hangzhou and dumped up to 12cm of snow, cleaners were busying themselves with clearing the snow day and night.

At the entrance of a railway station, Mrs. Zhao, with her co-workers, gathered together to have their dinner. They ordered take-outs and tried to make the best use of every minute to clear the roads, so any accidents could be avoided.

“We have been working since 4 o’clock in the morning and due to the heavy rain, we have cancelled our daily routine and instead were fully occupied in removing the road snow.” Mrs. Zhao said, and one of her colleagues, whose face was red with cold, added “it’s doesn’t matter with the cold weather because we will not feel cold when we start working”.

Directing traffic and searching the injured over night

Two policemen, Mr. Zheng and Mr. Yu, who have just undergone a sleepless night, flipped the snow off their caps and made their way to their local police station.

At 23:00 last night, they were called to a broken-down vehicle and traffic accident, which had blocked an expressway and caused a traffic jam. The two young policemen hurried to the spot, and spent the whole night directing traffic, dealing with the broken car and helping the injured.