Cool Views in the West Lake

People dwelling in the southern part of China are crazy about snow, and just a few days ago, Hangzhou welcomed this year’s first snowfall, reviving a very well-known scenic sight, “Lingering Snow on the Broken Bridge”.  As snow is such a rarity, the following scenic spots provide visitors with some of the coolest views.

Stone Mountain (宝石山)

Although Stone Mountain is small and delicate, it surrounds the West Lake like a loyal warrior. After snowfall, Baochu Pagoda (保俶塔) on the top of this hill, which dates to the Zhou Dynasty (948-960), becomes covered with a white cloak, and intensifies its aura of quaintness. Visitors are attracted to its panoramic views of the West Lake, with Broken Bridge(断桥) at the forefront and Leifeng Pagoda(雷峰塔) in the distance, both of which evoke the memory of the Legend of the White Snake, a very impressive love story known to every Chinese citizen.

How to get there: Take bus to nearby stops such as Huanglong(黄龙公交站), the New Hotel(新新饭店) or the Broken Bridge
Key Words: Baochu Pagoda, Baopu Taoist Temple(抱朴道院)…

North Peak (北高峰)

The North Peak, another hill in the West Lake region, is much more widely-known to visitors than the Stone Mountain for its incomparable height. After snowfall, the hill of trees becomes coated in a thick layer of white snow and makes the scene appear like a fairyland in the mist. By taking a cable car, visitors can enjoy fantastic mountain snow views as well as enjoying a thrilling experience of travelling hundreds of meters high above the ground. Along the route, spectacular snow views in the West lake Scenic Region such as Lingyin Temple (灵隐寺) are perfectly staged.

How to get there: Take bus to the Lingyin Temple stop and then take a cable car to the top
Key Words: Lingshun Temple – a temple of wealth(天下第一财神庙), Beauty Peak(美人峰)…