“Robots” Are Coming

Visitors who choose to drive to the Chenghuang Pavilion in the West Lake scenic region will, in the parking lot, come across a very cute robot with a gentle voice tone.  This robot will not only offer quick and convenient modes of payment by voice prompts, but it will also interact with drivers in terms of cash payments, paper invoice receipts and so on, and if car owners encounter any problems, the robot can be used as a facility in which to record a remote video with management staff.

From this year, the management committee of the West Lake scenic region has improved the mode of intelligent management in parking lots within the West Lake area. On September 28, the Children’s Park had successfully completed the programme and thus the intelligent parking lot successfully relieved the congested pressure during the national holidays.

Recently, the parking lots that have completed intelligent improvements have now come into service, which includes five parking lots: Chenghuang Pavillion, King Qian’s Temple, Huanglong Cave, Dingjia Mountain, and Prince’s Bay Park. After improvement, intelligent functions such as license plate recognition and self-service payment are available to improve the running efficiencies, ease the traffic congestion upon exiting and optimize the parking resources allocation. The robot in the Chenghuang Pavilion parking lot is the newest addition to the scenic region in providing new experience of intelligent tourism for visitors.

In the coming days, the management committee of the West Lake scenic region will start the program of comprehensively promoting all the parking lots in the scenic region. Firstly, the committee will complete the installation of intelligent barrier gates, license plate recognition machines and image recognition facilities. Secondly, the committee will fulfil the intelligent management by efficient vehicle division. Last, but not least, a new parking guidance system will come into service in which drivers will be able to reserve a parking space by a relative App.

In the future, the tourist system in the West Lake region will further be improved by combining intelligent parking with tourism and it is estimated to be finished before the coming of the peak tourist season next year. After completion, tourist resources such as the scenic spot ticket, entertainment facility, hotel, restaurant, shopping store and parking lot will be better allocated and with a click of a button, visitors can search a spot, reserve a restaurant and pay for a ticket.