Follow the Last Steps of Hangzhou’s Autumn

As this year’s autumn draws to a close, the lakes, mountains and waters in Hangzhou are shinning in all their autumnal glory, completing a splendid scene like a late autumnal painting.

The “Viewing fish at flower harbor” Park

In the “Viewing fish at flower harbor” Park, the sky is blue, fluffy clouds sail by; the ground is covered with a golden carpet, leaves fall constantly; and vivid autumnal scenes appear to float on the crystal-clear surfaces of the lake’s water. The park, with its wide expanse of water, has many bridges, watersides and pavilions, where plenty of trees are planted, and all of which make it a world of red autumnal leaves.

As the name of the park implies, the spotlight of the place is most definitely the fish. In the pond, there are thousands of fancy carp, which are considered as a symbol of good luck and auspiciousness.

Viewing time: early November to December

Three sets of cloud water

In just a ten-minute-walk from Su Causeway, visitors can arrive at a place full of peace and tranquillity which is the understated “Three sets of cloud water”, a splendid, but far less crowded, scenic spot in the West Lake region.

Viewing time: Mid-November to December

Prince Bay Park

Apart from the famous variety of flowers in spring time, the red maple leaves in late autumn form another romantic stance in the park. Rows of maple trees beside the lake, the leaves of which are tinged with a glorious autumnal red, shiver in the breeze and fall onto the lake’s water, reflecting a most marvellous image.

A steady flow of water activates the Prince Bay Garden and the sediment that was brought by the river constitutes scenic spots known as “the lute land” and “the Jade Garden”, and in the flat and broad area of the garden, a pool named YuluChi was formed when the water gathered. What’s more, the park is dotted with various kinds of bridges like arch bridges, level bridges and curved bridges…

Viewing time: November to December