Hangzhou-Huangshan Railway to begin Operation in late December

Recently, the alignment testing of the newly-built railway from Hangzhou to Huangshan in Anhui Province has been completed, which means that this well-anticipated line is on track to commencing its operation.

With a total of 265 kilometers and witnessing speeds of 250 kilometers per hour, the railway line covers 10 stations including Fuyang, Tonglu, Jiande, Thousand-islets Lake, and Sanyang…. These days, it is not uncommon to see bullet trains being tested on at all stops along the line, which could only mean one thing - that the railway line will begin operating in late December.

The pilot run of the railway line is expected to be happen on November 12

At present, the railway department has completed successive tests on the railway track, power supply system, overhead line system, communication devices and signals, and has adjusted and corrected any errors that were found in the process.

After the alignment testing was carried out, the railway department confirmed the launch of the pilot run on November 12, and that the completed line will come into service at the end of December. Until now, the main bodies of the railway stations, which are scattered in four districts and counties, have been completed.

After completion, the railway line will cut travel time in half and in just 30 minutes passengers from Hangzhou will be able to arrive at nearby Fuyang, Tonglu, Jiande or Thousand-islet Lake.

It is also worth mentioning that the newly-built Hangzhou-Huangshan Railway is connected to the Hefei-Fuzhou high-speed railway, which means that by railway, Mount Huangshan and other note-worthy scenic spots in Wuyuan county, Jingdezhen city and Mount Wuyi can be easily reached by Hangzhou citizens and tourists.

Free entrance for Thousand-Islets Lake scenic region

Whereas the Hangzhou-Huangshan high-speed railway has yet to begin operation, the perks have certainly started to arrive.
As mentioned at the 2018 Thousand-Islets Lake Tourism by railway meeting, to celebrate the successful completion of the railway construction, a series of special offers for Thousand-Islets Lake tourism will become available, which includes that within 30 days after the railway begins operating, with a railway ticket (the destination should be Thousand-Islets Lake station and the ticket date should be within three days), visitors will gain Free entrance to the Thousand-Islets Lake scenic region.

Furthermore, for the convenience of visitors, shuttle buses from the Thousand-Islets Lake railway station to the downtown of the area, which accepts three ways of payment including payment code sweeping, coins inserting and artificial charge, have been prepared and will come into service at the same time as the railway.