With 213.5 Billion Sales, Double 11 Shopping Carnival Wins New Success

What are the hottest words on China’s streets? These days, it’s Double 11 Shopping Carnival, or “single Day Promotion”. This year marks the 10th anniversary of Double 11 Shopping Carnival, of which the first of its kind brought in 52 billion Yuan in gross merchandise with just 27 online merchants.

Now, the carnival has become a front-page event with 180 thousand brands participating both from home and abroad, on line and off line, and where one day of sales reached ¥213.5 billion.

The rise of the Double 11 Shopping Carnival has led to commercial transformation and an upgrade of consumption all around China and is showing that the domestic demand has become the decisive force for the country’s economic growth. How many potentialities are hidden behind the consumption and how do we activate them? The answer lies in the shopping extravaganza.

Upgrade of Consumption

Reports manifest that customers now consider more about their wallet, with the focus turning from clothes, shoes and bags to categories such as electronic products, interior design and beauty care products, all of which shows that the Chinese people are now in pursuit of a better life.

Hu Yuling, the overseas general manager of T-Mall, the main battlefield of the shopping carnival, said that she could never imagine that a fortuitous promotional activity would become a national celebration. At the start of November 11, within two seconds the gross merchandise value reached ten billion and by the time of 15:49:39, it had reached 168.2 billion, exceeding the total number of sales of the 2017 Double 11 Shopping Carnival.

Increasing Globalization of the Platform

This year’s T-Mall Double 11 Shopping Carnival is also the most international seen to date. Just 12 minutes after the shopping carnival began, consumers from 200 countries and regions began to shop. The brands participating in the activity this year on Lazada, the biggest online shopping mall in Southeast Asia, are three times as many as that of last year. Besides, AliExpress, a global-oriented online trading platform of Alibaba, which is the E-commerce company that organizes the Double 11 shopping carnival, went on sale at 0:00 on November 11 Sydney time, and will lasted until the end of November 12.

Besides, the overseas section of T-Mall provides more than 19 thousand overseas brands from 75 countries and regions, and in just 6 hours and 29 minutes, it had succeeded in exceeding the sales of last year. From now on, domestic customers will receive packages sent from 14 order processing centers across the world, which includes Osaka and Tokyo in Japan and Seoul in the South Korea.