Floral Gift from Winter

As winter draws near, Hangzhou’s temperature drops, and the city air is filled with cold winds, a lingering drizzle and camellia sasanqua flowers, all of which are a sign that the colder months are coming.

Wandering about the Turtle Pool in the West lake region, visitors will be greeted with a large field of camellia sasanqua flowers that continue to bloom marvelously behind a memorial archway. Hidden from the main road, the floral scene of red, white and pink, looks like a colourful secret garden of blossoming camellia.

In Hangzhou Botanical Garden, clusters of camellia sasanqua flowers vie with each other and with their different-color flower buds, they all try to gain the spot light in and amongst the green leaves.

Camellia sasanqua belongs to the aceae in botany and is characterized by a graceful appearance, splendid color and delicate leaves. The plant features a long flowering time, which commences in early November and lasts until March the following year. Small-in-size and with low branches, the camellia sasanqua trees can easily be trimmed in different styles.

A lot of people may confuse camellia sasanqua flowers with camellia flowers since they both belong to the same botanical family, but based on the tree structure and petals, the confusion can be solved. Most camellia sasanqua trees are small trees while most of camellia trees are shrubs, and when the flowers are withering, the former will fall petal by petal while in contrast the latter blossom will fall in its entirety.

In the coming days, various kinds of camellia sasanqua flowers will be blooming, which is the best time for those who favor these splendid flowers.