The Hidden Secrets of Hangzhou’s Marathon

On November 4, 2018, tens of thousands of running enthusiasts gathered at “the most beautiful runway” to begin the much-anticipated marathon extravaganza. This year’s participants were limited to 35 thousand, but the number of applicants who wished to enter reached more than 100 thousand, which has established new records. Participants came from 48 countries and regions, which also included 30 invited athletes.

As Michael Njenga Kunyuga, from Kenya, cruised towards the Hangzhou Marathon finish line he raised his fists in the air. He won the men’s full marathon (42.195 kilometers) in a time of 2 hours 10 minutes and 37 seconds and in the women’s race, Hirut Tibebu Damte, from Ethiopia, won in a convincing fashion at 2 hours 25 minutes and 10 seconds.

Why is Hangzhou Marathon so popular and what’s so special about it? Well here are some hidden secrets.

Why November?

Generally, the best temperature for marathons is a bit lower than 20-25℃ and the weather in Hangzhou in November hits that temperature spot perfectly. Apart from the mild weather, spectacular autumnal views along the runway provides the ideal scenery in which to spur the runners on.

Surprises brought from digital industry in Hangzhou Marathon

At the starting point of the runway, there are more than 40 face recognition machines and if participants and spectaculars had previously recorded face information, they can avoid any tedious inspections.

Why is the Hangzhou Marathon said to be the most beautiful?

1. Beautiful scenery

Observing the marathon map, the entire marathon track looks like a balloon which surrounds the West Lake and stretches to the Qiantang River.

There is a total of 5 courses to choose from, which included the full marathon, half-way marathon, mini-marathon, couple marathon and family marathon, among which, despite the couple marathon which started at the Broken Bridge, all other routes began at the Dragon Sports Center.

Before the runners get close to the finish line, they will experience the hardest climb at a rise of 50 meters, but at the same time will enjoy the prettiest scenery, running through scenic spots such as the Qiantang River Bridge, the Tiger Spring, Yanggong Causeway…

2. Beautiful service

This year’s Hangzhou marathon has volunteers from local universities and social organizations to provide specialized services.
Furthermore, professional volunteers were at hand to give participants professional advice, assistance and encouragement both physically and mentally.

Engaging in a Hangzhou Marathon, you get to participate in a race and gain the culture and vitality of a magnificent city.