Appreciate the Beauty of a Canal Town

With pavilions, lanes, wetlands, lakes and greenways, Yuhang is a characteristic canal town in the south of the Yangtze River.

Tangqi Ancient Town

Tangqi Ancient Town features a splendid canal culture, the historical cultural landscape along the Grand Canal as well as the local characteristics that suit both refined and popular tastes.

The ancient town boasts spectacular architecture such as the well-known Guangji Bridge, the Guopu Well, the Tablet with Calligraphy of Qianlong Emperor and other ancient lanes, pavilions and buildings. Besides these tourist sites, the local cuisines, for example, glutinous meatballs, are sure to satisfy any number of senses.

Jingshan Lake

Jingshan Lake, an expanse of idyllic beauty, provides visitors with peaceful and magnificent autumnal scenery. Walking over the antique bridges spanning the lake, you will be refreshed by the sweet air and when you arrive at the other side, you will be greeted with another world entirely.

Jingshan Greenway

The 18-kilometer-long Jingshan Greenway stretches through mountains where along a river the gurgling sound of water can be heard. The greenway also connects more than a dozen of tourist sites including Shanshuijian Garden, the Ancient City Historical Relics Exhibition Hall and Jiulong Falls.

Made of wood, bamboo and hemp ropes, the guard railings along the greenway are filled with an air of wild delight and with parts painted red, this contrasts wonderfully with the backdrop of verdant mountains.

Chao Mountain Scenic District

Autumn is the best season to exercise, go hiking and enjoy the beautiful nature, and visiting Chao Mountain Scenic District, the kingdom of plants, will not disappoint.

The best-known scenery in the area is the plum blossom scenic site, ten kilometers, of beauty which once profoundly impressed a master of epigraphy, Mr. Wu Changshuo, the first president of Xiling Seal Club, who was later buried here.