Chrysanthemum Vie with Each Other for Glamour

To celebrate the season of chrysanthemum, the flower that dominates autumn, the China’s 8th Chrysanthemum Exhibition will be in full bloom from November 3 to December 10 at King Qian’s Temple in the scenic area “Orioles singing in the willows”.

In this exhibition, more than a thousand species of chrysanthemum will be on display, many of which are rare species.

There are three highlights in this year’s exhibition:

1. Cities that participate in the exhibition are scattered across China

In total there are 19 big cities taking part in the Chrysanthemum Exhibition, providing around 50,000 potted chrysanthemums, some of the cities taking part include Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Zhengzhou, Suzhou, and Jining which means on the spot, spectators are free to enjoy chrysanthemum flowers from all corners of the country. The 8-meter-high chrysanthemum tower placed at the front door of King Qian’s Temple is meticulously made by a chrysanthemum art master from Shandong Province.

2. The principle of “ecology-friendly and spectator-friendly”

This year, spectators can get close to chrysanthemum blossoms and they will also have more room to take pictures. Besides, apart from the King Qian’s Temple, densely populated places as Yongjin Square and “orioles singing in the park” are placed with many species of chrysanthemum.

3. A variety of chrysanthemum featured landscapes are distributed all around the exhibition area

A chrysanthemum featured landscape named “mutual affinity” combines typical Hangzhou elements such as the Leifeng Pagoda, the Broken Bridge and Hangzhou’s characteristic fan and, in doing so, forms a poetic picture.

The ingenuity and originality of craftsmen can be seen from all the artworks displayed at King Qian’s Temple. Imposing chrysanthemum artworks in the shape of a phoenix and Chinese dragon are just some of the artistic masterpieces on show.
NB: Daily opening time of the exhibition is from 08:00 to 16:30, and the price is 15 RMB per person