Step Back in Time along Hangzhou’s Ancient Paths

Now the heat of summer has faded, we can step back in time and witness Hangzhou’s ancient paths being covered in a carpet of autum leaves.

Route 1: Wansong Academy – Tiger Cave – Phoenix Mountain – Lunar Rocks – Qiyun Temple – Fantian Temple – mountain foot

Legend has it that Phoenix Mountain was transformed from a phoenix which was defeated in battle. On the top of the mountain, there is the Phoenix Pavilion for visitors to take a rest.
Wansong Academy was the most revered gathering place for scholars in the Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty, and has been bestowed with fine spirits. The route, which is characterized by the beauty of historical relics, begins at Jieyi Pavilion near Wansong Academy. During the trip, visitors are free to enjoy the marvelous mountain scenery and river views. Once at the top of the hill, all the efforts made during the climb will be rewarded with extremely fine views as depicted in the famous poem written by Dufu, a renowned Chinese poet:

“One day I shall climb
Clear to the summit,
See how small surrounding
Mountain tops appear as they lie below me.”

Hints: It takes about 2.5 hours to complete the route, but you may wish to take longer if enjoying the scenery along the route.

Route 2: Meijiawu – Longjing Tea Production Base – Wuyun Mountain – Bamboo-lined Path at Yunqi

Praised as the most artistic climbing route, in Chinese it is called “Shililangdang”, which means “ten-kilometer path winding through mountains”. Meijiawu, as the starting point, is a world of tea houses where you can savour the most authentic Longjing Tea.

Along the route, gorgeous scenes such as clear and gurgling creeks and beautiful birds singing melodious songs help visitors to expel their troubles and relish in the relaxing and comfortable route. Zhenji Temple rests at the summit of the Wuyun Mountain and is a sacred place for all to rest.

Hints: It takes about 3 hours to complete the whole route and compared to other routes, it is more relaxing.