Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport Carries out New Flight Schedule

At present and due to the busy season, Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport has carried out a new flight schedule which commenced last Sunday October 28 and will continue until March 30 next year.

According to the new publicized flight schedule, the number of daily take-off and landing flights has reached 834 (100 of which are international flights), an obvious increase from 800 during the period of January to September this year.

Every year at the beginning of a new season, it is also the peak time for introducing new airlines, and this year, Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport has planned to initiate several new airlines both domestic and transnational, including Flight 3U8281/2 from Sichuan Airlines, which on every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, will take off from Hangzhou to Mandalay (the second largest city in Burma) at 08:25 and will return at 13:10.

Furthermore, YT air cargo, a well-known express company in China, will start its new airlines to Manila in the Philippines at the frequency of more than a dozen flights every week, with taking-off time at 13:10 and 14:00 in Hangzhou and returning at 23:00 and 01:15 in Manila.

Apart from these new international airlines, there are also a number of new domestic airlines, including the Hangzhou - Wuhai airline from Loong Air, the Hangzhou – Xinyang airline from China Eastern Airlines, the Hangzhou – Shaotong airline from Xiamen Air, the Hangzhou – Urumqi – Hetian airline from Shandong Airlines and the Hangzhou - Urumqi – Yining airline from China South Airlines.

Currently, there are tons of international flights from Hangzhou to other parts of the world flown by several overseas airlines, which includes Russian airlines operating flights from Hangzhou to Moscow and by November this year, another Russian airline will join the team to operate flights from Hangzhou to Moscow every Wednesday.