Looking for “Snow” in Autumn

When late autumn comes, in the suburbs around Hangzhou, the flowers in the reeds are raised, and wafting through the air they form a heavy “snowfall” of reed catkins. To see this sea of reeds where waves of white intermittently roll in, then the following places are bound not to disappoint.

1.Xixi Wetland•Hong Garden

When the sun is verging towards the horizon, the pure reed field looks like a sea of snow. This is one of the most famous tourist scenes in Xixi Wetland, the charm of which has attracted countless poets, who throughout the ages have created many verses complimenting the beauty of this place.
Rowing a boat and traversing the reed field, you will find yourself in-the-midst of a poetic “snowfall”, only to hear the crunch of oars. This is the best place to create an unforgettable memory, by tea-tasting or just eating local organic food.

Address: Dangxi Road, Wuchang Street, Yuhang Disytrict, Hangzhou

2. Nanhu Reed Marshes

Nanhu Reed Marshes, with marvelous autumnal scenery, attracts many photographers to capture fine views every year.
Rarely-traveled, broad and natural, Nanhu Reed Marshes is also a good place for picnicking, camping, reading or just enjoying the surrounding sunshine. Since there are no restaurants or stores around, you’d better take your own food.

Address: In the southwest of Yuhang Street, close to Yuhang Town, hangzhou

3. Beihucaodang

Just 10 kilometers away from Pingyao Town, there is Beihucaodang, with a reed field stretching more than one thousand Mu. The reeds paint the whole place in pure white and once the wind blows, fluffy snow formed of reed catkins begins to fall. This visual feast will last until January next year

Reed catkins are, in fact, pale pink at first and then over time they turn to white. There is more than one species of reed here, some look like feathers, while others looking like cotton balls or spears.

Address: Beihucaodang, Pingyao Town, Yuhang District, Hangzhou