The Scene “Twin Peaks Piercing the Cloud” is under restoration

Many people are familiar with “Twin Peaks Piercing the Cloud”, one of the famous ten scenes in the West Lake, but when referring to the specific details, it is very easy to mistake the “Twin Peaks” for two hills. They are, in fact, two towers located at two peaks of the hills. More than 800 years ago in the Southern Song Dynasty, these two towers reached the highest point of the whole city, and from where you could witness panoramic views of the West Lake and the city.

However, due to historical reasons, the scene “Twin Peaks Piercing the Cloud” has failed to deliver, which disappoints visitors both from home and abroad. At present, the West Lake Management Committee has collected designs of the landscape restoration project, and by implementation, the scene will be revived.

Proper scheme designs of the landscape restoration were selected

From January to September last year, the Hangzhou Municipal Research Institute of Archaeology carried out archaeological digs in the summit regions in the South Peak and had found tower relics of the tower footing, ancient roads and drainage ditches. By May 2018, the team had ascertained the former tower location by high-tech geophysical prospecting and have since provided evidence for the existence of former towers as well as the basics for the restoration project.

The collection for scheme designs of the landscape restoration was initiated in June last year and up until now, the management committee has received three formal scheme designs, the best of which is from the Zhejiang Ancient Building Design Institute.

How to show the scene?

“We hope that every detail of our restoration work has its own origins and evidence.” said Chen, the vice president of Zhejiang Ancient Building Design Institute, “the scene of ‘Twin Peaks Piercing the Cloud’ was formed in the Song Dynasty, so our construction structure is based on the traits of this period.”

It is worth mentioning that the designed tower in the South Peak is equipped with both stairs and elevators to bring convenience for visitors.

“We are not merely in the purpose of restoring the twin towers, but more importantly, we intend to revive the scene of “Twin Peaks Piercing the Cloud”, Chen explained, “the final appearance of the towers has not yet been decided, but what is certain is that the towers will be of a narrow construction which is intended to emphasize their great height.”