An Air of Life beside the Grand Canal

While the ancient canal triggered prosperous markets currently, it provides an life which is full of variety for citizens. The Grand Canal takes an active part in the Hangzhou people’s life. From dawn to dusk, groups of citizens can always be found strolling or briskly walking along the Grand Canal, regardless of the weather or season.

New locals play saxophone: interacting with nature through music

Tracing the melodious music, you will find Mr. Rong, whose daily routine is, after dinner, strolling to the canal riverside, unclasping the saxophone and then playing for more than an hour. “It has not gotten dark yet, and with the cool breeze, I’m interacting with the nature through a stream of melodious saxophone music. This is, as far as I’m concerned, the sound of nature.” Mr. Rong said, in an out-of-town accent. He came to Hangzhou with his wife and son five years ago and now they have completely adapted to the life here.

Citizens dancing in the square: pursuing life’s satisfaction

Playing saxophone is a one-man enjoyment, while in contrast, groups in the square are playing a multiplayer game. Dancing stages, big or small, are scattered around all the squares along the Grand Canal. The popularity of square dance indicates that Hangzhou people are now in pursuit of a healthy and positive lifestyle, and the outpouring of satisfaction and happiness towards the wealth of life can be seen from the big smiles of the many dancers.

Martial arts experts beside the canal: spreading traditional cultural heritage

In the evening at the Grand Canal Square, it is commonly seen that one or two martial arts experts are performing a sword dance, doing Tai Chi, or brandishing spears and sticks. They are exercising, and more importantly, they are spreading a traditional cultural heritage.

Despite martial arts, many intangible cultural projects are not limited to being displayed in the museums but are being shown in public areas by voluntary or organized activities.