Sailing in the Famous Painting

Scenes depicted in the famous Chinese painting “Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains” are currently undergoing restoration and construction. Workers have been planting trees in the Wharf Cultural Square while others have been employing themselves in paving tiles along the ancient Fuchun River.

“We all want to take the advantage of these cool days to accelerate the process of this project”, said a superintendent, “up until now, we have finished 65% of the project and some works are now in their final stages.”

Since this year, Tonglu County has successively initiated three waterborne tourist routes, namely “Poetry of the Fuchun River”, “Antiques of the Fuchun River” and “Night tour on the Fuchun River”, all of which provide memorable moments of experiencing “Sailing on the Fuchun River and touring in the Painting”.

“Whereas scenes of some famous artworks is increasing tourism and sweeping it through the whole country, current supporting facilities have not satisfied the growing need of visitors”, the general manager of the responsible tourism company explained, “so, we take measures to improve the environment and services and at the same time we forge ahead our project of building the Dongmen Wharf, a large cruise ship with 180 seats and a dining ship.”

To restore old scenes of the Wharf and to revive the old memories of the city, the construction works consist of building the Wharf Cultural Square, the embossments of prosperous scenes in ancient Kaiyuan Street, the filming spots in Tongjun Mountain, and the folk customs street. The main body of the wharf has been completed and workers are now busying themselves with building the service center and improving the landscape.

Furthermore, the project of building the Historical Cultural Heritage Experiencing Hall, that is closely related to the Dongmen Wharf, is estimated to be finished at the end of this year. After the completion, activities such as Chinese paper cutting, shoe embroidery, bamboo and straw weaving will all be available for visitors to enjoy.