Hangzhou’s Barrier-free Tourism

This year, Hangzhou has initiated around 30 dedicated travel routes and products for those who are physically challenged, the first of which is targeted at one-day tours around Hangzhou city. Services for barrier-free tourism include wheelchair consignment, fast track application, sign language interpreting and so on.

Services Cover Aspects of Transportation, Food, Hotel, Shopping…

Hangzhou has begun to achieve information symmetry and non-discriminatory tourism by providing multi-language voluntary services from toilet assistance to travel guides.

Since the nation’s first release of “service specification for the physically disabled” in Hangzhou, important measures have been taken. Within this year, Hangzhou will recruit a host of qualified travel agencies with first-rate services in providing barrier-free travel services for the physically challenged in aspects of transportation, food, hotel, shopping…, which includes formulating special travel routes, making special travel itinerary and providing special tour guide services. Before that, those travel agencies will be trained in terms of service criterions, innovative products, and emphatic details.

Barrier-free Tourism Indicates Internationalization of a City

“In fact, a city’s degree of internationalization can be seen from its care for the physically challenged”, Liang xuesong, the dean of a local university said, “normalization of barrier-free tourism will no doubt accelerate Hangzhou’s process of internationalization as a tourist spotlight”.

At present, Hangzhou has been in the essential stage of “post-G20 Summit”, “pre-the Asian Games” and modernization, which is also the best time of forging ahead the creative construction of Hangzhou’s barrier-free tourism system. Up until now, Hangzhou has accomplished the goal to be a global experiencing tourist destination and has established its own standards, which is considered as a window of barrier-free tourism.