A Taste of Autumn...

Autumn is the season that satisfies all number of senses, but for a taste of what it’s really about then you must read on…

Sliced Lotus Root with Sweet Sauce

Sliced Lotus Root with Sweet Sauce is a cold dish that can be commonly found in small local restaurants in Hangzhou. Lotus root and sticky rice are well-matched because of the sweet and delicate taste and the added honey and dried Osmanthus intensify its succulent flavors perfectly.

Boiled Glutinous Rice Balls in Fermented Glutinous Rice with Osmanthus

For Hangzhou locals, to recollect the memory of childhood, the importance attached to Boiled Glutinous Rice Balls in Fermented Glutinous Rice with Osmanthus is on a par with Sliced Lotus Root with Sweet Sauce. With boiled glutinous rice balls and fermented glutinous rice in equal proportions, the dish is so moreish that you’ll find yourself asking for more.

Double Ninth Cake

As the name implies, Double Ninth Cake is made to celebrate the Double Ninth Festival (Sept.9 on lunar calendar). The cake is decorated in a variety of colors and sprinkled with a layer of Osmanthus, which is why it is also called Osmanthus Cake.

Marrons Glaces (Chestnuts Roasted in Sand with Brown Sugar)

Autumn is the time for chestnuts to ripen, which is also the best season for eating Marrons Glaces. Freshly made Marrons Glaces, steaming in the paper bag, diffuse an edible fragrance. Picking one, finding the opening crack and breaking it off at full tilt, you will find the golden nut flesh coming out, eagerly waiting to satisfy your taste buds.

Hairy Crabs

Hairy crab is at its best in Autumn, as the wind begins to blow, hairy crabs both male and female get plump and fertile and in doing so provide the most delicious taste.