Fall in Love with Autumn Scenery

With the ostentatious sweet-scented Osmanthus and a plethora of golden leaves dominating the city, now is the time to fall in love with autumn’s most poetic scenery…

Beishan Street

More than 580 phoenix trees flank both sides of Beishan Street and, in doing so, paint the whole place in glorious gold. Branches swaying in the breeze look like a scene from an oil painting. Plenty of benches are placed along the street behind the trees, in front of which is the rippled and shimmering surface of the West Lake.

Chaohui Garden

With hundreds of meters of Ginkgoes, Chaohui Garden is embroiled in a splendid golden light when late autumn comes. The exquisite autumn scenery here attracts millions of ginkgo lovers every year and by late October, when the ginkgo leaves fall, walking on a carpet of golden leaves indicates the true arrival of autumn.

Lingyin Road

Among the many places in which to view red autumnal leaves, like maple leaves, Lingyin Road, known as “red leaf avenue”, is the most memorable one. As it becomes colder and colder, the red leaves that symbolize late autumn turn a deeper shade of red. Red- leaf trees, along with soapberry trees, and the phoenix tree…collectively constitutes a gorgeous autumn scene.

Manjuelong Village

Manjuelong is famous for its well-known scenic view “sweet Osmanthus rain at Manjuelong Village”, and it comes as no surprise to be the best place to admire Osmanthus in golden October.
With winding roads leading up to the hills, Manjuelong is hidden in a valley, where every household has their own Osmanthus trees and tea fields.