Hangzhou Qipao Festival - Dresses to Impress

The 2018 Hangzhou Qipao Festival, a perfect integration of Hangzhou tourism, silk culture and Qipao cultural creativity, aims to further develop the globalization and optimization of Hangzhou’s tourism. The focus this year will be on Silicon Valley in America, Sydney in Australia, and the West Lake and China Silk Museum in Hangzhou, in which shows flaunting the beauty of the qipao dress will be performed.

Hangzhou Qipao Show

Time: in the morning, September 26, 2018
Place: Long Bridge in the West Lake

Hangzhou’s Long Bridge and Leifeng Pagoda will form the background of this qipao show, two picturesque settings that show the elegant Qipao in its true light. On show are 25 creations of Qipao, the themes of which have been designed by those from the faculty of Fashion Design & Engineering, Zhejiang’s Sci-Tech University.

Qipao Show on the Theme of Splendid Jiangnan (Yangtze River delta) Intangible Cultural Heritage

Time: in the evening, September 26, 2018
Place: China Silk Museum

On this occasion, several sets of “Hangzhou Qipao” will be issued on the spot, followed by two fabulous Qipao shows, a 3D light show and an Intangible cultural heritage show. The former is designed with a view to create an experience of beauty by using advanced technology of sound, lighting and electricity.

Golden Autumn Qipao Show

Time: in the morning, September 27, 2018
Place: China Silk Museum

A Golden Autumn Qipao Show will be held in China Silk Museum, where hundreds of Qipao lovers will gather to witness a most elegant and artistic performance.

Overseas Activities

San Francisco in the US

Located at Silicon Valley near the headquarters of Google Inc, and with the theme of “Qipao surprise”, the show will invite hundreds of female office ladies from Silicon Valley and female students from Stanford University to wear the Qipao and engage in interactive activities such as folk music singing, fan dancing and catwalks.

Sydney in Australia

The show will invite students from Daguan Primary School in Hangzhou as well as students from Bright Art School in Sydney to wear Qipao’s and perform “A Stroke along Su Causeway” one of Zhejiang’s intangible cultural heritages. This is a cultural exchange platform to expand the traditions of one of China’s much-loved cultures.