Autumn Flowers Bloom Marvellously

Hangzhou city is currently filled with an air of early autumn which is seen from the drop-in recent temperatures to the variety of autumnal plants, and the following species welcome the new season in blooming marvellously.

Goldenraintree Flowers – Color of Autumn

If you drive through Jiqingshan Tunnel in the West Lake scenic area, you will find golden flowers glowing under the sunlight which, seen in the distance, form a beautiful landscape painting.

Standing in front of one of the many trees, you are welcomed with different colors: green leaves, gold petals, red fruits… and when you draw closer, clusters of tiny red flowers begin to fill your vison. When the petals fall, pointed red fruits which look like strings of lanterns emerge, rattling in the breeze and because of the sound and color, these trees are also called “money trees”.

Sweet-scented Osmanthus Flowers (May Flower) – Smell of Autumn

With Sweet-scented Osmanthus flowers afoot, a sweet smell pervades the whole city indicating the arrival of Hangzhou’s poetic autumn.
Osmanthus trees can be seen in every corner of the city but it is the glorious scenic spot “Sweet Osmanthus Rain at Manjuelong Village” that takes the floral spotlight. Among various kinds of osmanthus flowers, “Qingjian”, a species that has kept a low profile in previous years, has unexpectedly begun to bloom first this year.

“Qingjian” flower petals are pale yellow and emanate a rich-scent. Normally, “Qingjian” blooms later than other kinds of osmanthus, but this year, due to the climate, it has defeated its fellows and has become the blooming winner.