A Round-up of this Year’s Moon Cake Winners

As the Mid-autumn Festival is drawing near, almost all moon cake suppliers in Hangzhou are going out of their way to make new moon cakes of special flavor and taste and the following is a round-up of this year’s winners.

Moon Cake Stuffed with Pickled Tuber Mustard and Minced Pork

Price: ¥3-5
Where to buy: Wuweihe; Sep Life; Jiuzhizhai; Zhiweiguan

Moon Cake Stuffed with Pickled Tuber Mustard and Minced Pork is a revered local snack that can be traced back to the Qing Dynasty. The story goes that once upon a time, the emperor Qianlong went to Hangzhou on vacation and was utterly satisfied with the taste of this cake. From then on, this emperor-tasted cake was sweeping around the city and then quickly became one of Hangzhou’s time-honored snacks.
There is another story about the origins of the cake. It is said that the present cake is an innovation of minced pork moon cakes from Suzhou by adding Pickled Tuber Mustard.

Shisanmama Flower Moon Cake

Price: ¥158
Where to buy: on line

With its artistic appearance, the Shisanmama Flower Moon Cake is very popular on line. By choosing Taoshanpi as its main ingredient, the cake is not only delicious in taste but with less sugar it is also a healthy alternative.
The cake distinguishes itself from other moon cakes by its very delicate flower-like shapes of chrysanthemum, peony, lotus, camellia…

Starbucks Moon Cake

Price: ¥448
Where to buy: Starbucks shops

The Starbucks Moon Cake is famous for its fine appearance and this year, the cake still manages to keep its high standard of creativity. In-spite-of its desirable look, the shop has also created a new kind of Five Kernels moon cake that is totally different from the traditional one. Macadamia, hazelnut, almond, cashew and pumpkin seed are used to replace the traditional five kernels (peach kernel, apricot kernel, olive kernel, shelled melon seeds and sesame).