Hangzhou’s Trip Down Memory Lane

Each person has his or her own memory of a city’s culture and history, and in Hangzhou, that’s the memory of lanes. Lanes in the Jiangnan areas (Yangtze River Delta) involve white walls, black tiles, winding attics, courtyards and waterways, all of which can be found hiding quietly in one corner of the city.

Xiaohezhijie Historical Block- Typical the Grand Canal Style

Winding through the narrow lanes, you can hear gurgling rivers flow beside buildings of unique characteristics. Here the residents live a simple life, meeting with neighbors, chatting and playing mahjong. The many antique buildings, with marks on the wall, all have an old story to tell. But when nights come, it changes to another face definitely.

Caiguan Lane

An ordinary lane in many ways, but this lane is also the birth place of Lin Huiyin, a renowned talented woman. A winding lane, Caiguan is characterized by tall buildings and low white houses, conjuring a feeling of strong will.

Dajing Lane

Dajing Lane is known for having a well, and the houses beside the lane are all old architectural masterpieces with a history of more than one hundred years. Here, you can visit the century-old “Hu Qingyu pharmacy” and breathe in the distinct smell of Chinese medicines that pervade the lane.

Haier Lane-A Lane famous for stories

Haier Lane begins at Zhongshanbei Road and ends in Wulin Road. In the Southern Song Dynasty, the lane was called Zhuanjie Lane where stores were renowned for selling mud toys. Lu You, a very famous patriotic poet of the Song Dynasty, once visited here and wrote a piece of well-known poetry about it. Stepping into the road the famous poet once travelled and feeling the scenes depicted in his verse is too romantic for words.