The Asian Games “Hangzhou Clock” is Ticking Fast

When the 18th Asian Games in Indonesia’s Jakarta ended, the focus turned to Hangzhou, a city depicted by Italian traveler Macro Polo in the 13th century as “the most magnificent and gorgeous city compared to paradise”
As the host city of the 19th Asian Games, “Hangzhou Clock” is fast ticking and will soon be stepping into the spotlight and welcoming the glorious spirit of the Asian Games on its banks of the Qiantang River.

This year, the preparatory work for the next Asian Games is already in full swing. Five new venues and an Asian Games village has begun construction. “Hangzhou will insist on the principle of a green economy and will save resources to the largest extent. So, among the first 52 venues and infrastructures, some are newly-designed while others are built on-the-basis of the original.

The department of Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee has said that to ensure the success of the Asian Games,
Hangzhou is speeding up its construction of its supporting infrastructure with a plan of finishing ten subway lines and two railway lines which is a total of 500 kilometers by 2022.

The mayor of Hangzhou city said that The Asian Games will influence and bring change in aspects of air quality and water quality. Workers are going out of their way to create a bluer sky, cleaner water and more fresh air by a variety of ways such as channel improvement, energy conservation, emission reduction and the planting of more trees.