A Sea of Gold…


During the period of late summer to early autumn, sunflowers can be seen blooming in all corners of the city, and every year during this time, thousands of visitors will flock to the sunflower fields with their cameras in tow. To capture your very own sea of gold, then the following places will show sunflowers in their true light.


This field of sunflowers is located near Dingshan Square in the south of Dingshan road. With an area of around 200 Mu, thousands of sunflowers glow under the sunlight, the beauty of which words cannot describe. There are two paths through the sea of flowers, one is near Yatai Road and the other is near Dingshan Road. Both paths enable you to get up close to the flowers and take the perfect picture. What’s more, at Xianghu you can also see lotus flowers and coreopsis flowers blooming.

Address: Xianghu
Transportation: take subway line 1 to Xianghu Station

The Eight Diagrams Field

The Eight Diagrams Field is divided into various parts and shows beautiful scenery in all four seasons. During this season, it is the Sunflower that takes the spotlight. With an area of more than 1 Mu, countless sunflowers are forming a blanket of gold, providing you with a comforting and glowing experience while walking around them.
Address: The Eight Diagram Garden, 41 HUyu Road, Nanxing Street, Shangcheng District.
Transportation: take bus line 62, line 20 or line 41 to Hangzhou Ceramic Market Station.

Liangzhu Cultural village

The sunflowers in Liangzhu Cultural village of Yuhang District are at their peak. Large areas of bright color can be described as pure happiness and wandering in the sea of gold, all your troubles fade away.

Address: Liangzhu Cultural village
Transportation: take subway line 2 to Laingzhu Station and then transfer to bus line 389 to Liangzhu Cultural village Station