New choice for night tour in Hangzhou

After Xixi Wetland Park night tour and Hangzhou Safari World night tour, Hangzhou now has more night tour activities, providing people with rich choices.

Hangzhou Changqiao Polar Ocean Park

In February, Hangzhou Changqiao Polar Ocean Park was expanded tenfold to become one of the largest ocean parks in mainland China. Now the ocean park is more grand and more fun. For example, there is the only beluga tunnel in China at present. You can see the lovely beluga whales from various angles, and can also get close contact with them such as a kiss of the beluga whale.

In Taiwan, Japan, you can sleep overnight in some ocean parks. It’s possible in Hangzhou at present. Set up a tent in the glass tunnel, where you sleep without counting sheep, watch jellyfish, count turtles, and fall asleep on the soft pillow of ocean. It's bustling during the day, but at night it's a top "ocean view room" with only tender, beautiful dreams.

The overnight stay is only for children aged 7 to 12, with 10 spots at a time. The price is 699RMB per person. Parents can not accompany their children whom will be accompanied by professional staff to ensure the safety.
For details, please call 0571-82609090.

Hangzhou Botanical Garden

The nights get busier with the heat. Cicadas, grasshoppers, and all sorts of frogs are merrily singing to welcome the summer night... This is not a commentary in Discover, but a night in Hangzhou Botanical Garden. Unknown to many people, Hangzhou Botanical Garden organizes regular night visits every month to explore the night in a safe zone.

Summer cicadas chirping is all too familiar to people. However in fact these insects are truly active at night. In the deep night, the cicada larvae crawl out of the ground where they have been living for a long time, shedding their shells full of earth and turning into adult insects. The process is amazing. strolling hedgehogs are the elves of night. The stone trails that you walk by in the day time, become their "Roman avenues". Only lucky persons can see them. Go into the nature at night, you will not only get surprises, but also gain new knowledge.

The “Botanical Garden Night Tour” is held throughout the year by various non-governmental organizations. Please make anti-mosquito preparation before you participate.
For details, call 0571-85109999.