Foreigners in Hangzhou can also apply for citizen cards

From August 20th, the foreign talents exclusive citizen card ( Hangzhou Social Scurity Citizen Card ) will be fully issued, and qualified foreign talents in Hangzhou can apply for and enjoy the same welfare as Hangzhou citizens.

It aims to provide convenient living services for foreign talents who are developing in Hangzhou. The services cover six aspects including work permit, child education, medical insurance, commercial insurance, living services and housing security. This is not only a vivid practice of increasing the support of foreign talents in Hangzhou, but also further extending the service areas of citizen cards and deepening the service connotation. In the future, it will attract more international talents to come to Hangzhou to innovate and start a business. 

How to apply?
1. Receive a work permit issued by State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs for two weeks;
2. Hold the original passport within the validity period and the work permit validated for more than 90 days;
3. On-site portrait collection (commissioned agent needs to prepare one-inch of recent color photo with white background);
Accept commission agent, but you need to provide the original identity card of the agent. 

What functions does the citizen card have?
It is basically the same as the ordinary citizen card, and enjoys functions such as account function, public transportation, campus fitness, park annual ticket, and temple annual ticket. In addition, foreign talents who apply for social insurance in Hangzhou can also enjoy medical insurance.

1. If a foreign high-end talent has changed its personal identification information such as the passport name or ID number, it must be accompanied by the original valid certificate to the Municipal Foreign Experts Bureau (No. 33-2 Huancheng West Road, 3rd Floor, Block A, No. 4 Building of Provincial Government) to change the identity information, wait until the data is updated to the citizen card company (about two weeks), and then go to the citizen card service outlet to get a new card. At the same time, the old card is invalid;
2. Foreign high-end talent citizen cards accept loss reporting and replacement.