The First National Winter Swimming Base in Summer

Xin'an River in Jiande City is famous for its clean water and beautiful scenery. It also has a rich landscape. The most famous of Xin'an River is the cold water, which is only 17 centigrade degrees in the summer, attracting countless tourists to escape the summer heat every year. Not long ago, the first national winter swimming base in summer at the upper reaches of the Xin'an River was officially opened to the public.  

The base is located near Zijin Beach, about 3 kilometers away from Xin'an River Dam (formerly Rainbow Trout farm), and is an important experience point in the first phase of the slow-moving system of Xin'an River Metropolitan Area. The base covers an area of several thousand square meters and its main body is a four-story gray-white building. The most attractive is the huge thermometer on the outer wall. It is about two or three stories high and displays the water temperature and temperature in real time. On the top of the second floor, there is a large observation deck, from which you can see the beautiful view of Xin'an River. It is also one of the best places to take photos of Xin'an River fog.  

Every summer, it is difficult to count the people who come to Xin'an River to escape the heat. Many people often feel the coolness in by sitting or running along the river at night. But because the river is too cold, few people have the courage to swim in the water, and it doesn't take long to escape from the water. For this reason, the local Xin’an River Swimming Challenge was organized in 1988, which is known as the ‘Winter Swimming in Summer’ and has developed into a landmark event. The base is also built on this situation.  

Therefore, people who have not been professionally trained, it is recommended to experience the coolness of the river in the hydrophilic platform of the base. On which there is also a fountain  and the cold river water will be ejected from it, making people unprepared. If you decide to challenge swimming, the locker room, bathroom, lounge and other facilities can be used. The base is currently improving more equipment and facilities. In the future, there will be more leisure places for tea and viewing, which will be convenient for guests who come here.