When it rains, pour your heart into Hangzhou.

After a typhoon, it will come as no surprise to see rain fall in Hangzhou. While many people prefer sunny days because of the inconvenience of rain, in Hangzhou, there are still many places that will stand out and shine.

Mt. Santai

In summer, green mountains, green vegetation and an emerald-like lake, as well as various corridors and pavilions form what is known as Mount Santai. It is also undoubtedly the best place to enjoy the rain in the whole of the West Lake scenic area. Here there are also many thatched houses of different sizes and shapes. Hiding in one of the thatched houses when it rains, listening to the rain falling on the thatched roof, and watching the surrounding scenery gradually fading to mist can be described as romantic.

Small Huanglou & Nanshan Bookstore

Small Huanglou is a yellow building on Nanshan Road. It was originally built as a folk residence in the 18th year of the Republic of China but is now a bustling coffee shop. Old music, fine books, walls covered with oil paintings... it’s like time traveling to ancient Europe. When it rains, a dim yellow light is transmitted from Small Huanglou, and outside the window a thick sycamore tree rustles it leaves to the accompaniment of rain drops. People who pass by can't help to stop and appreciate this oil painting-like setting.

A few steps away from Small Huanglou, is Nanshan bookstore. Here you can find all kinds of Chinese and foreign books on painting and art. Reading a book while listening to the rain fall is both peaceful and therapeutic.

Folk Art Museum in the China Academy of Art

In the mountains of Xiangshan Campus of the China Academy of Art, there is a stack-up building which was designed by Kengo Kuma. It is the Folk Art Museum of the China Academy of Art. The outside walls of the Folk Art Museum consist of tens of thousands of tiles that are connected by iron wires which tinkle when raindrops fall – making the sound of music.

Xiangshan Campus is also a good place for rainy days as there are many innovative buildings here. In the rain, these buildings constitute several artistic paintings with dazzling beauty.