Enjoying “Xixi Hongyuan Garden” Nights in summer

As it is too hot in the daytime, why not set sail at night and see the city’s enchanted beauty. “Moonlight on the Lotus Pond—The Nights in the Xixi“, which is held by Xixi Hongyuan Garden, kicked off on July 1. The event aims to combine the natural landscapes in the wetland with artificial lighting, bringing guests a peaceful and enchanting night expedition.

According to the spokesperson from Hangzhou Tourism Center, the project has been built up on last year’s foundations, but now introduces a variety of new activities. For example, every Friday on Dong’guan Lotus Pond, there will be a big-sized Chinese orchestra which will perform Chinese folk music in the Ran’xin Gazebo. “This is my first time to watch an orchestra performance from sitting in a boat. The pleasant melody matches perfectly with the ancient aspects of Hangzhou city,” said Hui Liang, who is from Qing’dao, “the melody keeps rolling in the deep.”

The Wu opera shows, performed every Saturday, are popular among the locals. Mr. Xu, who lives in Xixi, loves the unique Wu dialect very much. “I brought my favorite tea for myself. I like to drink it as I enjoy the performance, “he said, “it’s way too hot to go out in the daytime, so going for a stroll here at night and listening to the opera is so very enjoyable.” Every Friday night and Saturday night, there is a tea ceremony performance in Bu’yun Pagoda. In the great melody of Zither and from the aroma of fine tea, guests can sit on the bamboo padding and see the tea ceremony— the tea specialists make teas with solemn and elegant practices, which introduce people to the essence of Hangzhou’s tea culture. 

During the weekend nights, people can gather family, buddies, or business companions on boats to enjoy tea, delicacies and shows such as the zither performances and tea ceremony. Every boat can accommodate 14 people at most and reservation is needed. 

Date: 29th June – 8th September, 2018 (Night events are available every Friday and Saturday only)
Time: 19:30-21:00
Entrance fee:
60 RMB for adults and children above 1.2 meters
Free for children below 1.2 meters (children who enjoy the free ticket should be accompanied by an adult.)
Address: Long’she’zui entrance, Tian’mu’shan Road, Hangzhou