The 1000-meter-long Chinese ink drawing by the Qian’tang River

Most recently, near the path by Qiantang River, and near to the Pagoda of Six Harmonies, people can find paintings, which are all famous scenes of the West Lake. The grey dyke has been replaced by beautiful Chinese Ink drawings of classic views such as “Leifeng Pagoda in Evening Glow”, “Autumn Moon Over the Calm Lake”, “Lingering Snow on the Broken Bridge”, and “Three Pools Mirroring the Moon”. The beautiful paintings by the river make the view even more engaging.

In the past, the 2.89-meter-long dyke of Qiantang River was full of red slogans as the reminders of coastline safety. Yet, the dyke became grey and looked worn after many years of exposure to the sun and rain. To beautify the surroundings of the Qiantang River, the Management office of Qiantang River decided to conduct an optimization of the dyke from Qiantang River Bridge to Jiu’xi. The project’s design started in February and after several rounds of discussion, the office finally took the design of drawing 30 scenic views of the West Lake in Chinese ink style, with a 1000-meter-long painting and 500-meter-long slogans for safety reminders and the promotion of the coastline development. The design promotes Hangzhou tourism by combining the Qiantang River with essences of the West Lake.  

Drawing on the dyke was tougher than expected because the riverbank is so humid, and the frequent rain makes the paint wear out easily; therefore, a series of moist-proof processes on the wall had to be carried out. In the middle of April, the drawing finally started. Ruo’nong Zhang, who is one of the painters, went every day to the riverbank at 3am in the morning so he could complete the project as soon as possible. The weather in late spring is hot; Zhang worked until noon; and then restarted again in the evening until midnight. Even though it was exhausting, he thinks it was worth it because he has a special affinity with the Qiantang River and the West Lake.

At the end of June, the drawing was basically done. Now there are only some minor details to be revised; after that, when people walk by the Qiantang River, they will see the fantastic 30 scenic views of the West Lake. It is certain that the wall drawing in simple and antique style will soon become one of the famous landmarks of the Qiantang River.