The “Love Fridge” Warming the Hearts of Hangzhou City

Recently a refrigerator, filled with cool drinks and ice-cream, was discovered on a sidewalk of Hangzhou city, but nobody was aside to look after it. The memo beside it read, free drinks for those who work outdoors such as public janitors, traffic policemen, and deliverymen etc.

The “Love Fridge” concept originated in a small town of Spain and was founded by Alvaro Saiz. It was originally called “shared fridge” or “communal fridge”. Stores and residents would put redundant food into the fridge, which was placed somewhere in the city streets, to help the poor who were hungry. On one hand, this practice of international cultural exchange solves the problem of wasting food; while at the same time helps tackle poverty.

The “Love Fridge” in Hangzhou is a test of virtues.  In the five days after the fridge appeared, it never emptied instead more and more drinks were put inside by the locals. Someone filmed the situation around the fridge — and the video has melted many hearts. In the video, a girl takes a bottle of water. When she notices the memo, knowing that the free drinks are for the outdoor workers, she puts it back and leaves; two young men who are so hot and sweaty take the free drinks and when they see the memo, they leave some coins; an old man puts an apple he bought into the fridge, he looks at the apple for few seconds and then puts another bigger one into the fridge; a lady with good intentions tidies the fridge when she passes by.  The most touching moment is when a boy leaves a letter he wrote to the outdoor workers and the founder of the fridge. The letter mentions that he has a father who works as a deliveryman. Every day he shuttles across the city in the hot weather. The boy is worried about his father and other outdoor workers and really wants to thank the founder of the “Love Fridge”.

The “Love Fridge”and the behaviors of the Hangzhou people spark off thousands of positive comments online. To the “love fridge” and the phenomenon it gives rise to, Jiang’hua Yang from the Zhejiang Society of Sociology said, “this is a kind of social responsibility fulfilled not only by the social enterprises but also the Hangzhou people. He added, “showing concern and care for the outdoor workers in the hot weather reveals the benevolence of the city. With thoughtful people and beautiful attractions, Hangzhou is becoming a city full of love, warmth and harmony”.