A Bite of Pan-fried pork bun in Hangzhou

Hangzhou is a food paradise. The most unforgettable delicacy for tourists isn’t the food from first-rate restaurants, isn’t that from luxurious hotels; it is the street food in Hangzhou. Among the street food in Hangzhou, pan-fried pork bun is one of the most famous must-eats. There are some food stores well-known for their buns.

Gu’lou Authentic Pan-fried bun Store
Address: Drum Tower, Zhong’shan Southern Road, Shang’cheng District

This shop has a 10-year history and has been very popular among the neighborhoods all along. People love the buns with crispy bottom, fluffy bread and juicy stuffing. You won’t believe what you read— each bun costs 70 cents RMB only. The shop also serves hun’tun (a kind of dumpling), beef with vermicelli, mixed noodles, and other snacks, which are all super delicious and you can eat with the pan-fried buns.

Ding’shun food store
Address: Wu’shan’ming’lou, Yan’an Road, Shang’cheng District

There are countless guests lining up in front of the store every day. The gentle owner of the food store speaks Hangzhou dialect and serves people in a friendly way. The pan-fired pork buns it serves are fried to golden color on the bottom and until the fresh stuffing becomes juicy. Ding’shun food store also offers stinky tofu and crispy bread with pickles and meat stuffing, which are the authentic tastes of Hangzhou.

Zi’qiang food store
Address: No.418, Jiang’cheng Road, Shang’cheng District

The food stores along the Jiang’cheng Road are ever-changing; however, a store has stood there for 20 years even though it only opens in the morning. The menu is simple and cheap: pan-fried green-onion buns, hun’tun, mixed noodle, and seaweed soup. None of them cost higher than 5 RMB— they are the “delicacy” for the ordinary folks.

Bao’mei DimSum
Address: No.108, Cheng’tou lane, Shang’cheng District

When it comes to pan-fried pork buns, Hangzhou people always think of the buns from Bao’mei DimSum restaurant. The menu of it has never changed since several decades ago. The old-designed tickets used for taking meals in the restaurant set people in the old Hangzhou.

The pan-fried buns here are special for the mini size; you can swallow a bun at once and then feel the juicy flesh sauce leaked out fills your month. The highlight is the crispy bottom of the bun. You can serve it with vinegar and spicy sauce, or even a bowl of beef with vermicelli—a delicacy doesn’t have to be expensive.