The First Night Zoo in Hangzhou

When nightfall comes, what do all the animals in Hangzhou Safari World do? During the day, you have probably seen a lot of animals languidly lying under the sun. So, why not explore Hangzhou Safari World at night and let the animals awaken your senses. Since July 14, Hangzhou Safari World has extended its closing time from 16.00 until 20.30, which means you can take a closer look at the animals and see how they behave at night.

In the Night Safari you will find agile African leopards with sparkling eyes, resting jaguars from North America, energetic fennec foxes, alpacas wandering on the grass. The spokesperson of the park said that during the opening hours of the night safari most of the themed areas are open to the public. The African leopards, hyenas, raccoons, white lions, gold tigers, sloths and more than 20 other nocturnal animals are all waiting to entertain you.

After visiting these mysterious animals, you can refresh yourself by going to the “Frozen Animals Kingdom”. This is the second year of the annual event where more ice sculptures of animals such as giant pandas, giraffes, peacocks are coolly waiting for you. You can also race on the ice tracks. In addition to interacting with the animals, you can visit the night circus show in the park’s “Forest Theatre”. Interesting acrobatic performances, a terrifying but exciting giant wheel, an amazing magic show and a romantic ballet performance will make your Safari Night, a night to remember. Before leaving, don’t forget to join the “Splashing Party”, at the main entrance, and have fun with enthusiastic clowns and energetic performers.

The night events of the park will go on until August 19, from 16:00 to 20:30 every day.
All-day ticket: 200 RMB each
Night ticket (from 16:00 to 20:30):
1 .180 RMB for adults
2. Free for children below 1.2 meters
3. 100 RMB for children between 1.2 and 1.5 meters
4. 100 RMB for the elderly above 70-year-old, active soldiers, teachers with more than 30-year experience, the disabled, and retired officers.
Parking fee: 20 RMB per day (free in the first half an hour)
Transportation: Bus 514A, 514B, 593, etc.
Address: 1 Jiulong Avenue, Hangfu Road, Hangzhou