Good Places for Walking and Cycling in Hangzhou

During this season, both the mornings and evenings are best suited to finding a beautiful environment for walking or cycling, and the city of Hangzhou has many pleasant routes to choose from.

Jiang Yangfan Green Walkway

Jiangyangfan Ecological Park, located in the south of Hangzhou city, used to be a West Lake silt deposit. Here, a green walkway stretches for more than 1 km long in which is surrounded on-all-sides by an abundance of trees. The Southern Song Dynasty Official Kiln Museum and Eight-Diagram Field are also located in and around the park.

Gongchen Bridge Area

Gongchen Bridge Walkway is mainly composed of the two parallel main axis, Lishui Road and Xiaohe Road, adding YunDa Bridge, Qingfang Bridge in this section, to form a rectangular area of about 3-4 km long. Along the way, there are canals, historic neighborhoods and museums.

Wentao Road Cycling Way

Known as "the Most Beautiful Road in Hangzhou", Wentao Road stretches for 6.4km. In the spring, it is a perfect place for appreciating cherry blossoms and in the autumn, it is filled with the fragrance of osmanthus flowers, and beautiful river scenery. In fact, the road stands out whatever the season.

Tangchao Trail

Tangchao trail is 16 kilometers long, including nine kilometers of waterfront promenade that connects Tangqi Ancient Town, Dingshan Lake and Chao Mountain. Here you can walk, ride, or take a boat. Walking around here, you can feel the unique tranquillity and primitive simplicity of the ancient water town.

No. 3 Line of Tonglu Green Way

The green way starts from Baoxin Road and ends at Baiyunju, Luci Village, Fuchun River Town. It’s adjacent to the beautiful Fuchun River and about 18 kilometers long in total. Riding along the river, you can admire the vastness as well as enjoying the ever-changing Tonglu urban area scenery and leisurely life at Luci Bay