Treasure of Zhejiang - Tales Told by 100 Selected Cultural Relics

Recently, Treasure of Zhejiang - Tales Told by 100 Selected Cultural Relics was officially opened at the Zhejiang Provincial Museum. The high specification of this exhibition is unprecedented in the history of Zhejiang cultural heritages. Over the past two years, Zhejiang Museum has kept in contact with 39 cultural heritage institutions in the province, which has enabled it to display a wealth of authentic treasures on the banks of the beautiful West Lake

One hundred cultural relics have been divided into six units, from prehistoric times to the Ming and Qing Dynasties to the intensively interpreted and reproduced history of Zhejiang Province. It shows the views of Zhejiang Province in a prehistoric human world and elite scholars in the Ming and Qing Dynasties who explored the rich history of the human heart, also it vividly displays the genesis of a place.

The exhibition has brought together significant cultural relics from all over the province. There are well-known treasures, such as Liangzhu Jade and Sword of Goujian; there are also rare mysterious cultural relics, such as the Golden Shirley Bottle of Northern Song Dynasty unearthed in Rui’an City and Longquan Porcelain of Yuan Dynasty unearthed in Qingtian County, that was once printed as postage stamp. The original works of many famous writers are also exhibited and many of which are known as the most precious  exhibits.

Exhibition Information
Time: June 8 - October 8
Location: Zhejiang Provincial Museum, Zhejiang West Lake Gallery (No. 25 Gushan Road)
Tickets: RMB 30 yuan.